Older Adults Services aim at promoting independent choices and providing necessary supports to individuals as they age.

The agency works towards preventing social isolation, alleviating poverty, preventing or managing crisis, supporting independence and healthy aging, and promoting inclusion. The JFSC Older Adults Outreach Team provides services to older adults in the Jewish Community, and has a mandate for serving all aging adults living in the majority of the southwest and southeast sectors of Calgary. Our intake is done through The Way In (http://thewayincalgary.ca/), a collaboration of Calgary-based agencies who work to provide support and services for older adults and their families.

Older Adults Outreach Services

Outreach workers provide support to older adults in various settings: home visits, visits in hospitals, long-term care facilities, one-on-one meetings at the office. In all these settings, the following assistance is available:

  • Needs and strengths assessment, assisting older adults with setting their goals;
  • Information, referral, and facilitating access to community services;
  • Case management and issue resolution;
  • Advocacy and facilitating access to government benefits and programs;
  • Assistance with housing, income, transportation, health care, Food Pantry and emergency financial aid;
  • Emotional support and supportive counselling;
  • Education and health promotion presentations.

In addition to the whole spectrum of general older adults outreach assistance, there are several specific areas of service that target aging members of the Jewish Community, including recent newcomers and Holocaust survivors.

To contact Older Adults Outreach Services please email css@jfsc.org or call 403-SENIORS (403-736-4677)

When in crisis, email or other forms of electronic communication are not recommended for getting help. Contact the Calgary Distress Centre at 403.266.4357.

We'd love to hear from you. Please be informed that we'll try to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. Please refrain from providing personal information via e-mail. We encourage you to call our office whenever possible.

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