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  • Albert Bell Fund

    Supports clients with food for Shabbat, Holidays and basic needs. This fund was generously initiated by the Bell family in memory of their husband, father and grandfather.

  • Ann & Morris Dancyger Fund

    This fund has been started for supporting clients.

  • Ben's Bike Fund

    After his Bar Mitzvah, Ben Kaganov set up this fund to provide bicycles for client's children.

  • Brodsky Endowment Fund

    This fund is to help secure a financial base for the future.

  • Hy Belzberg Seniors in Need Fund

    This fund supports special events for seniors.


  • Jacob Gurevitch Adolescent Counselling Fund

    This fund was established by Jacob Gurevitch as a Tzedakah project at the time of his Bar Mitzvah. Its primary goal is to offer clinical counselling services to youth between the ages of 10-18 with mental health issues and cognitive, social and emotional concerns.

  • Kupat Tzedakah

    This fund is used to support one time emergency financial aid.

  • Leo Paperny's Kids' Fund

    To support services for children.

  • Philip and Harriet Libin & Family Housing Support Fund

    As Phil and Harriet’s 50th Anniversary approached they began to reflect on their blessings. “Harriet and I often wonder why some people lead charmed lives and others barely get by. We both were blessed, being brought up in stable traditional Jewish families; always a roof over our heads and food on the table. These were happy and secure times. Unfortunately, today in many instances the security and stability of family life has changed dramatically. We have both witnessed families with small children out on the streets by day and being bussed to different facilities to bathe or freshen up, be fed and spend the night. In the morning, once again these adults along with the children are on the go again. No stability, no security for the little ones and no true sense of belonging. This is one of the main reasons we chose to support a program that would help secure living accommodations for some of these individuals, provide that much needed roof over their heads, give them and their families a much needed feeling of security, not having to move around from place to place every day dragging whatever meager personal effects behind them. The purpose of this fund is to provide subsidies to families who are unable to pay full rental fee for accommodation. It is our hope that here they would be able to find some peace of mind eliminating many of the stresses and guilt in not being able to provide adequately for their families. These families could once more grow together in surroundings that they could call home, nurture the love for one another, bond and eliminate the stresses of having to wander from one place to another. If all of this could come to fruition through this housing program and card fund associated with it, we would consider ourselves truly blessed to have been part of this type of project. We would also wish upon those who are recipients of this program luck in building a life with their families to enjoy contentment, peace and much love. This would create a safe haven for them – hopefully and fill their hearts with joy. A home is where the heart is.”

  • Rabbi Abraham and Evelyn Postone/ Marilyn Moss Passover Project

    This fund was created to help financially struggling families celebrate Passover by providing them with traditional holiday foods. 

  • Rose Zivot's Tikvah Fund for the Abused

    Supports family members who are victims of domestic violence

  • Rosslyn Steinberg Family Life Education Fund

    This fund supports family life education programs at JFSC.

  • Sam & Sophie Yacowar Fund

    This fund has been started for supporting clients.

  • Sheila and Ralph Gurevitch Jewish Family Transportation Fund

    This fund was created to help provide transportation for Jewish families (children and seniors) when faced with the financial challenge of trying to attend Jewish Day Schools, special events, doctors appointments, work etc..

  • The Happening Fund

    The Happening Fund was established to provide an opportunity for children and families to participate in local events such as the Children’s Festival and the Calgary Stampede. This year 85 children from 60 families were given Calgary Stampede backpacks filled with goodies, ride coupons and some cash so that they would purchase food while at the Stampede.

  • Waterman Family Fund

    This fund supports professional development for the employees of JFSC.