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London Drugs chooses JFSC as recipient of #Welcoming150

Thank you London Drugs Heritage for choosing to sponsor two newcomer families from JFSC! Here's the news release from London Drugs:

Canadian retailer, London Drugs, has launched #Welcoming150, a special program and donation drive that will support 150 new Canadian families across Western Canada who left their country of origin sometimes due to unsafe circumstances. As part of celebrating Canada 150, the program will support families identified as still-in-need by participating agencies.

People can now visit any Calgary London Drugs location to learn about the families adopted by stores, and donate items based on the specific needs of those families. Items donated will then be delivered to the families before Canada Day on July 1, 2017.

"Each year, JFSC’s resettlement program serves and supports about 125 families that are new arrivals to Canada.” said Marty Hornstein, Executive Director. “Many of the newcomers are in need of shelter, employment and supports for their daily living needs. These needs, and basic family needs, will partially be met by this fabulous program offered by London Drugs. Toiletries, groceries, and many other household items will be provided to families who will be most appreciative to receive what they are currently unable to afford. Corporations and businesses like London Drugs make a very positive impact in the lives of those who come to Canada to make a fresh and ‘free’ start for their families.”

London Drugs stores in Calgary is proud to be supporting refugee families through JFSC as well as nine other partner organizations in the city.   
“Our customers show us time and time again, that they want to support people in their local communities,” said Benjamin Pullein, Store Manager, London Drugs Calgary. “Because of this, it’s important for us to provide these opportunities where we can, to help connect our store staff and our customers to the people in our community that can use a little extra support and care. Together, we can make a significant positive impact supporting these families in need.”

The Continued Need for Refugee Support
According to participating agencies, there is continued need amongst refugee families in Calgary. Items needed currently include:
•    Hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste, etc.
•    Kitchen wares such as dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils, small appliances, etc.
•    Linens for the kitchen, bath and bedroom.
•    Food including snacks, cooking oil, rice, pasta, flour, cereal, juice, etc.
•    Cleaning supplies including laundry soap, broom, dust pan, iron, etc.
•    Family needs such as books, games or puzzles.

The inspiration behind #Welcoming150 is two-fold. First, it provides continued support for new Canadian families who come from unsafe backgrounds. Second, it honours the legacy of Tong Louie, whose family acquired London Drugs in 1945 and grew the company to what it is today. In 1914, Tong Louie was born to an immigrant Chinese family who owned a wholesale food business. Tong Louie and the Louie family have been instrumental in shaping today’s retail industry in Canada.
“Welcoming and helping newcomers distinguishes what makes Canada great and so we are very excited to launch and facilitate this support program in all London Drugs stores in June, across Western Canada,” said Clint Mahlman, executive vice president and chief operating officer, London Drugs. “As a proud family-owned 72-year-old Canadian company, we will also be contributing corporately, alongside the donations from our customers and staff to ensure each family’s immediate needs are met.”

To learn more about the #Welcoming150, the families, and how you can support, please visit


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