The need for connection and engagement does not disappear with the diagnosis of memory loss, or dementia.

Our Memory Care volunteers come to your home for one-on-one activity support, while providing the opportunity for caregiver respite. Trained through the Alzheimer Society of Calgary’s Best Friends Approach™, volunteers build relationships and offer individually catered activities for cognitive, physical, social, and emotional support.

Our Program:

  • Provides activities for cognitive, physical, social, emotional and creative support
  • Builds connections and relationships
  • Provides access to professional support and advocacy

We work with clients in their homes.

Eligibility: Community individuals living with memory loss that disrupts daily life or a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease or dementia. Eligibility is further determined by the assessed level of need, level of community or family support, health and/or circumstances of the caregiver, and diagnosis and severity of symptoms.

Referral: Can be self-referred or through a professional

Fee for Service: None

Contact us: 403-287-3510 or email

Volunteer in our Memory Care Program and build meaningful relationships by exploring individual interests. We provide personalized activity toolkits, dementia care training and ongoing support.