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"Third Age" Excitement at JFSC!

Jewish Family Service Calgary is launching an exciting new program for the 60+ age group. The program promotes “third age” learning through shared knowledge, expertise and experiences of people in the “third age” population. “Third Age” refers to the stage of life that comes after we've established our family and/or career. The initiative’s focus is on cultivating a culture of volunteering, mentorship, community participation and the sharing of lived experiences. The purpose of this program is to engage older adults who have skills, stories and experiences to share with participants who are interested in learning new things and interacting with others in a social environment. The group will meet bi-weekly and not only have the opportunity to interact with each other, but participate in interesting group activities and outings.

In order to jump-start this program, JFSC is looking for a few (4-6) older adults to form an Advisory Committee. The committee will brainstorm to name the program, direct its activities and inform what the program will look like overall. Ideally, the members of the advisory committee will also participate as mentors.

The program will begin after the summer and the advisory committee will meet at the end of August (or sooner if interested). If you or anyone you know may be interested in playing an essential role in the launch of this project, please contact Robyn Winograd at or Albina Shuman or both can be reached by calling 403-287-3510.

This program has been made possible with a New Horizons for Seniors Program grant through the Government of Canada.

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