JFSC's Response to COVID-19

Mental Health Support Line - Free
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, JFSC is launching a mental health support line service that delivers short term, brief intervention therapy to individuals who are struggling with their mental health due to the pandemic crisis. Therapy is provided by a registered provisional psychologist. 
We are offering up to three sessions free of charge to help support our community during this difficult time. This is open to all individuals, please contact JFSC for further information.
Food delivery for isolated people
Right now, we are focusing on delivering food to people that are in self isolation due to COVID-19 and who have no other financial means to support themselves. Contact us for details.
In-Home Memory care
NOW ACCEPTING NEW REFERRALS. JFSC is excited to announce the launch of In-Home Memory Care, a program designed for individuals diagnosed with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s. This program started at the beginning of May. The program is an in-home service where staff engage with the client to deliver brain boosting activities that support them with their diagnosis, while also providing respite opportunities for the caregiver to engage in self-care during what is otherwise a very isolating and difficult time. JFSC is working with the Alzheimer Society of Calgary to ensure that our In-Home Memory Care staff are equipped with dementia-specific training and tools to deliver quality, person-centered care to our clients in their homes. Please contact JFSC at 403.287.3510 for further information regarding program description and referral information.
Sagesse and JFSC Real Talk Webinar
During a time when Stay-at-home is synonymous with Stay-safe, this is far from the reality for those living with abuse. Instances of domestic violence increase during times of societal stress and crisis. REAL Talk is a guide to help us understand and talk about domestic violence. It is not about trying to fix the situation; it is about empowering change and bringing people together. Join JFSC and Sagesse for an online webinar on Monday, May 4th at 1pm, and let's get REAL. Register here.


For information on any of these programs or if you need help in any form or know of anyone requiring support, please call us at 403.287.3510